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My eye story started about 20 years ago

My eye story started about 20 years ago when I started losing vision but couldn't find contacts or glasses to fix it through my family eye doctor I visited about 15 eye doctors before being diagnosed with severe keratoconus. It was very stressful not knowing enough about my eye disease and having no-one taking the time to explain it. Fast forward to 4 years ago after I got my first corneal transplant and got referred to Thompson optics to try to get Vision out of my eye post transplant they took me under their wings and no matter how many times I needed to unexpectedly see them during my first scleral lens experience they always welcomed me with compassion and understanding.I was very unsure of scleral lenses because one doctor at a different eye clinic fit me wrong and we couldn't get it out for 3 hours and so I was uneasy but at Thompson optics they did an amazing job at fitting the lens and making sure I was comfortable in it and using it. They also took the time to explain what happened to my eyes with my eye disease and what could happen in the future and just really gave me the knowledge I needed about keratoconus and helped me understand everything. I really don't know where I would be without them as I can't get corrected vision with glasses on anymore and scleral lenses were my only way for vision and they have done everything for me in the last 4 years to get me vision they are the kindest eye doctors and I am very thankful for what they do. I highly recommend for all your eye care needs.

- Mel, Google review