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Scleral Lenses FAQ with Dr Moe

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Scleral Lenses: FAQs

How are scleral lenses different from regular hard lenses?

The term “hard lenses “ is generally used to describe any type of RGP ( rigid gas permeable) lenses . A scleral lens is a type of RGP lens, the other type of RGP lens which most people call a ” hard lens” is a corneal lens .

The difference between the two types of lenses is how they are fit.

A corneal RGP lens is fit on the cornea and a scleral RGP lens is fit on the sclera.

What are the benefits of wearing scleral lenses over regular lenses?

The benefits of wearing a scleral RGP lens over a regular/corneal RGP lens is scleral RGP lens offers greater comfort and stability , because it is fit on the sclera (the white part of the eye ) and vaults over the cornea , this means no corneal touch and therefore improving the comfort and stability.

Briefly describe keratoconus and why scleral lenses are a good option.

Keratoconus is a progressive corneal thinning causing an irregular surface which leads to blurry vision, halos , ghosting and secondary images .

Scleral lenses are a good option because the scleral lens is filled with saline prior to insertion over the eye, and since saline is fluid, it fills in the irregular curves of the cornea and makes it more uniform to allow light to focus at the back of the eye and therefore improving the quality of vision .