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Nano Vista



We know that children are restless by nature – they run, jump, play, and need glasses that adapt to them, and resist all possible blows and falls that may experience.

NanoVista has created the best indestructible and flexible children’s glasses on the market, and many parents have now opted for NanoVista children’s glasses.

NanoVista is the top-selling brand of glasses for children and adolescents, we do so with the confidence of having been endorsed by the most important independent studies.

They know their toughness, and greatly value not having to change their children’s glasses every two seconds, because they break.

That is why, all our indestructible and flexible children’s glasses are safe, manufactured from the best materials, and come in multiple models, so that you can always find glasses that fit your child’s style and taste.

We cover all needs in glasses for children and youth. Frames for prescription glasses, sunglasses and blue light blocking glasses, from 0 to 16 years of age.

Discover all our collections of indestructible and flexible glasses for children.