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Scleral Lenses Q&A with Dr. Moe Tarabey – Part 1

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Can scleral lenses help me with difficulties driving at night?

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Yes! Scleral lenses are often worn by patients with a high degree of astigmatism (sometimes these are patients with keratoconus). High astigmatism causes a lot of glare in a person’s night vision. Scleral lenses help correct a majority of that corneal astigmatism, which in turn helps improve the quality of vision – especially at night! As opposed to soft contact lenses which are not very stable, scleral lenses are very stable which helps minimize visual distortion and fluctuating vision.

Can scleral lenses be a solution for someone with severe dry eye?

We find that scleral lenses are a great solution for patients who have tried every eye drop under the sun to alleviate their symptoms of dry eye, and patients who experience dry eye to the point that they need to use eye drops every hour. We find that scleral lenses offer a lot of comfort, because the lenses are filled up with non-preserved saline which bathes the cornea throughout the day. As long as the cornea is being bathed in the saline, it provides a high degree of dry eye relief. It isn’t a cure for dry eye, but it reduces symptoms significantly.

Can scleral lenses help me with post-corneal surgery complications?

Yes, absolutely. Most patients who suffer complications after PRK or LASIK are found to have irregular astigmatism. The resulting corneal distortions are what scleral lenses are meant to address. They help minimize or eliminate most of the distortion, and improve the quality of vision. In addition, many( change many so to some) post-PRK or LASIK patients suffer from dry eye disease. Scleral lenses offer a relief of those symptoms, in addition to vision improvement.

Will my medical/vision plan provide any coverage for my scleral lenses?

Most insurance plans that have some vision coverage will include scleral lenses under that category. We can help provide the insurance companies with documentation that the scleral lenses are medically necessary, and many times we find that patients can receive some additional coverage.

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