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Scleral Lenses Q&A with Dr. Moe Tarabey – Part 2

Girl Eye Contact LensDo all scleral lenses have the same diameter? Does it matter?

They come in a range of diameters. We choose the best diameter for a patient based on a number of factors, which we generally determine during our initial assessment. For example, if we are treating a dry eye patient, we may use a wider lens to allow more coverage and hydration of the eye. For mild keratoconus, we may use a smaller lens design, whereas a higher degree of keratoconus may benefit from a larger lens.

Can scleral lenses help a patient without any significant disorder, but who finds regular, soft contact lenses to be uncomfortable?

Patients sometimes find soft contact lenses to be uncomfortable, especially in very dry parts of the world like Edmonton, Alberta, because the lenses require moisture on the eye. In a dry place, the eyes can dry out leading to uncomfortableness and irritation. Scleral lenses are a type of gas permeable lens, and they don’t require any water content on the eye. The size of the lens and its placement on the sclera also increases comfort. For those reasons, patients generally find them to be much more comfortable than regular lenses.

Can scleral lenses benefit a patient who experienced eye trauma or injury?

Absolutely! Most patients who suffer eye trauma end up with an irregular ocular surface. Wearing soft lenses or glasses cannot adequately correct for that surface irregularity. We find that such patients who use scleral lenses benefit from a much greater visual acuity because they do correct for surface irregularities.

How long does a pair of scleral lenses last before it needs to be replaced?

The typical scleral lens lifespan is 1-2 years, depending on usage. Like soft contact lenses, oxygen permeability is one of the most important factors in contact lens comfort, and this will decrease with time and wear. At Thompson Optics, we will help you determine and assess when your scleral lenses need to be replaced.

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