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Scleral Lens Stories

Scleral Lens RA Transplant 1280×480Eye Drops Every Ten Minutes

A patient came to see us at the office about extreme dry eyes – so extreme that they needed artificial tears every ten minutes! The patient was going through an enormous amount of eye drops, and showed us an incredible picture taken at home of the amount of containers for the eye drops used in a week – enough to fill a small garbage bag. We fit the patient for scleral lenses, and it was immediately life-changing in terms of comfort and vision. The need for eye drops every ten minutes decreased to four or five times a day. The patient can now enjoy a significant decrease in light sensitivity, and can now spend more time outdoors and live a more normal life. Before, daily life was completely controlled by dry eye symptoms – light settings, making sure there were always enough eye drops handy, etc. Now, with the use of scleral lenses, the patient is living a normal life.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

We saw a patient suffering from severe keratoconus. The patient’s vision was very blurry. When this patient needed to give presentations, they would memorize slides – because when presenting, the patient couldn’t read the slides across the room. The patient would memorize them the day before, and during the presentation pretend they were reading the slides (when it was really all from memory). Scleral lenses brought the patient’s vision very close to 20/20, and they were finally able to live a normal life. A lesson here is that human beings are very good at adapting, and don’t always realize what they are missing out on – “You don’t know what you don’t know,” as the saying goes. The same holds true for vision – if you don’t have anything to compare it to, you learn to live with substandard or blurry vision.

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