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Thompson Optics is a leading optometrist clinic in Edmonton. Under the shadow of experienced management, we employ highly qualified eye doctor, trained and registered Optometrist in Edmonton who provides comprehensive eye exams and all optometrist services to children and adults. We are specialized in eye wear, eye health and contact lenses. To ensure you are getting the best eye care services, we closely work with the ophthalmologists and other stakeholders. If you are facing any eye health issue, come visit our office. In Edmonton, our eye specialist office atmosphere is friendly, efficient and relaxed. Feel free to contact us.

Dr. Moe Tarabey Has Shared Some Valuable Information Regarding KERATOCONUS


It is important to have annual Eye Exam in order to protect your eyesight from any best eye clinic in Edmonton. The back of your eye, the retina, needs to be examined to ensure that it is healthy, undamaged and free of the signs of disease.

Since many eye diseases don’t exhibit symptoms in the early stages of their development, routine screening is the best way to detect changes in the eye and prevent severe blood vessel damage. With close cooperation between patient and physician, it is now possible to eliminate treatable blindness caused by eye disease.

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Dr. Moe Tarabey

Dr. Moe Tarabey attended University of Alberta where he received his Bachelor of Science degree with Dean’s Honours. Subsequently, he earned his Doctor of Optometry degree from The Inter-American University School of Optometry.


Scleral Lens Introduction for Dry Eye and Irregular Corneas

Scleral lenses for dry-eye and irregular cornea treatment have been plagued with misconceptions- they’re bulky, uncomfortable and hard to care for. Clearly, the information out there is insufficient. Scleral lenses have gained attention recently for their success in treatment for these patients.

The beauty of this design is that the lens vaults the entire compromised corneal surface and therefore reduces symptoms of discomfort and photosensitivity. The fluid chamber between the cornea and posterior lens surface continuously bathes the cornea in unpreserved saline reducing front surface problems. Comfort is immediate. The two most effective diameters are 15.8 mm and 18.0 mm. Both diameters are comfortable from the first insertion. Small diameter RGP lenses for keratoconus are known to cause corneal scarring, photophobia, red eye and can be unstable, even to the point of falling out when shoulder checking. All of these problems are eliminated with scleral lenses.

I have been fitting patients with Keratoconus, Pellucid marginal degeneration, severe dry eyes secondary to Sjogrens syndrome, autoimmune diseases and chronic graft-versus host disease, post-LASIK dry eye, Stevens-Johnson syndrome and irregular astigmatism. Insertion, removal and care is remarkably easy. Our staff are expert instructors and no one leaves the office without their thorough instruction.

Thompson Optics policy is to keep you informed of the progress with each case and optometrist in Edmonton would be happy to help you with your patients with these problems. If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on the phone or info@thompsonoptics.com


Moe Tarabey O.D

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